Brunswick House School Gardening Fun!

Brunswick House Primary School, Maidstone


Brunswick House Primary School, Maidstone


Restore the 15 allotment plots located on Brunswick House School grounds as part of an extra curricular session with the school pupils to create a tidy space ready for planting in the spring.

Services supplied:

  • Weeding and clearance of 15 allotment plots
  • Planting of bulbs and replanting of usable vegetation from plots
  • Identification of plants and vegetables, and educational sessions exploring what could be planted and when
  • Removal of detritus for composting

Brunswick House Primary School was looking to improve the outdoor space for the pupils, in particular 15 allotment plots which had become overgrown and unmanageable. The school’s science co-ordinator identified the project as part of the yearly science targets and Landscape Services offered to provide an educational session for each class, whilst also preparing the allotments ready for planting.

Over two days in October a member of the Landscape Services team and a member of the Direct Services team volunteered their time to lead around 400 children in the clearing and replanting of their class plot. The work included weeding, removal of weeds and old plants/vegetation, clearing of debris from soil, replanting of strawberry plants and fresh planting of bulbs donated by Landscape Services. Groups of 10 children had 15 minutes each to work on their plot, with the Landscapes team providing guidance on how to use the equipment, information about the plants and vegetables found and discussion around how to get the best out of their class plot for spring 2016.

Pictures of the project:

plot number 15

Work on plot number one of 15 begins

smiling children behind a border

Even more weeding ...

Great fun learning about different vegetables:

group of children around a plot with adult
boy holding carrot
questions and answers
girl with dirty hands
planting strawberrys

Replanting strawberry plants for next year

girl looking at bugs on gloves

Learning about bug life

group of teachers and children at the end of the project.

A very happy School Council and Science Co-ordinator Catherine Beadle at the end of the two days with Landscape Services.

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