Artificial Grass

Transform your outdoor environment

Landscape Services are experts in the supply and installation of artificial grass. Choosing artificial grass for your outdoor areas allows you to create clean safe play areas, transforming muddy dirty tarmac with a safe and aesthetic solution that can be used all year round.

There’s a multitude of places where artificial grass can help improve you environment; from muddy areas beneath tree canopies, steep banks that are difficult to mow, high footfall areas that become muddy in wet weather, to adding splashes of coloured grass in play areas just for fun!

From the outset it’s a more cost effective solution than paving or tarmac and has a life span of around 20 years. It’s also a low maintenance option that can be cleaned using the humble broom, hose or a garden vacuum cleaner.

So if you have an outdoor area you want to transform call us now for a free quote.

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